B95 Electric guitar roller bridge brass saddles


B95 Electric guitar roller bridge brass saddles

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The string spacing is 52mm
This is a great chunky roller bridge, suitable for Les Pauls,
SG’s flying V or a new project, anything with an existing ‘Tun-o-matic’
The bridge is solid helping keep that tone and sustain.
The roller bridge helps the strings move more freely across
the bridge cutting down on string breakage.

The B96 is a thinner bridge, great for getting the action low and
you can turn the saddles around to get 8mm movement in the intonation.
The bridge is 84mm long, the bridge holes are 74 mm apart (4mm x 8mm),
it is 17mm wide and 12mm high in the middle tapering to 9mm on the sides.
Comes with thumbwheel posts and 7mm diameter anchors

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