We are often emailed with specific questions relating to our products, our payment methods and our shipping policy.
Below are answers to some of the most often asked questions. If you have a question which isn’t covered here please get in touch with us via our Contact form.

Artec Pickups?
These pickups are made in Korea by ‘ARTEC’  these are one of the biggest manufactures of pickups who usually supply most guitar factories
they are very well made and sound as good as most top brands.
Artec Pickup Wiring?
Whatever colour wire is soldered to the white wire is the split (Coil Tap)
The other coloured wire which will be ( Green or red) is the live
The other wire left are the earths
If your not splitting the coils just tape the coil tap wire up but keep the wires soldered together
Pickup Himbucker Metal Covers?
Hi if you have the flat poles on your humbuckers you can fit the No1 covers, if you have 6 raised screws on one side of your humbuckers you will need the No2 and No3 covers but measure from the outsides of the E poles and make sure the neck is 55mm and the bridge is 57mm
Alnico and Ceramic Magnets?
Alnico magnets are made of metal and the ceramics are ceramic, The Alnico have more control and are cleaner and do clean up when turned down, the  Alnico  has more trebly/midrange bite.
Ceramic magnets bleed more and are more trebly/biting in general.
Alnico can sound good distorted or clean, but ceramic pickups generally produce a tone that isn’t as good clean, but are great for heavy distortion, that's why most metal bands use them.
Which Pots Should I Use?
A500k audio vol posts and B500k tones for all humbuckers 
A250k audio vol posts and B250k tones for all single coils
Basically the higher the pot the brighter the sound, the lower the pot the warmer the sound
So strats are quite trebbly with the single coils so they have 250k pots.
I would put all 500k pots on your guitar
general “rule-of-thumbs”:
1Meg = very bright sounding
500K = bright sounding
250K = warm, vintage sounding
1Meg = bright HB...shrill SC
500K = warm HB...bright SC
250K = muddy HB, warm SC
HB = humbucker
SC = single coil
What If My Goods Arrive Damaged or With Defects?
We take special care to package our products for protection against any damage during the shipping process. 

Any returns or faulty products can be returned for a replacement or a full refund. any refund, which is due to a fault or other defect, will include a refund of the applicable delivery charge.

please email us within 7 days of receipt, after 28 days refunds will at the discretion of the seller.

Returned goods must be in a good state Items can be returned for a full refund as long as they have not been altered and in the case of scratchplates the protective sheets should still be in place and any goods or accessories that accompany the returned product must also be returned back to us.

Non-faulty items shall be returned in the original packaging and at the buyers own expense.

How Do I Pay?

Secure payment

The following credit and debit cards can be used as payment:

  1. Visa
  2. Delta
  3. Visa Electron
  4. MasterCard
  5. EuroCard
  6. American Express
  7. UK based Maestro and Solo cards

If you are paying by credit or debit card you will be taken through a secure site where you enter your payment details. or you can pay by Paypal and log into your Paypal account to arrange payment. You will receive confirmation of your order by email. if you have any problems contact us at sales@chguitars.co.uk

Direct Bank Transfer

Make payment as usual at checkout and select Bank Transfer option.

We will send you an invoice with bank details for you to make the transfer. 

Once the payment has cleared your order will be shipped and tracking codes sent.

I Would Like More Information On A Product?

Simply email your questions to sales@chguitars.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the information you require.

Can I Order An Item That Is Out Of Stock?

Yes, if an item is out of stock it can be still be ordered online or over the phone. If you would like more information on when an item will be back in stock please email us sales@chguitars.co.uk with the product details.

How To Modify, Cancel An Order?

Providing that your order hasn’t already been dispatched we will try our best to help you. Please notify by email sales@chguitars.co.uk , telephone or via our website contact form as soon as possible.us  with the product details.

I Have Forgotten My Account Login Password?

Simply go to the right hand corner and select Sign In here from there you can click on forgot password/login.

Alternatively you can email sales@chguitars.co.uk if you require further assistance