TO13m Metric String Action Guage


TO13m Metric String Action Guage

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Product Description

You are buying one Guage

Great pocket-sized durable stainless steel rule
guide for setting the action on any stringed instrument.
The gauge features a progressive string height scale: simply slide it across the frets and read the measurement under the string. It’s faster to use than any ruler and stays parallel to the fingerboard—much easier than trying to hold a ruler perpendicular to a rounded fret.

The string height markers are graduated from:
METRIC VERSION from 0.25mm to 3.50mm

The back of the gauge has a time-saving fractional/decimal/metric conversion chart.

• String height
• Bridge saddle height
• Saddle slot depth
• Fret slot depth (unbound fingerboards)
• Nut height
• Pickup pole piece height

Additional Information

Weight 60 g

Black, Mint, Ivory, White


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